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Pseudonym of UK playwrights and authors William Dinner (?   -    ) and William Morum (1910-1980) for their fiction; active and prolific in the former capacity from the early 1940s, best known for a mystery drama, The Late Edwina Black (performed 12 July 1949 Ambassadors Theatre, London; 1950 chap). Their Near Future tale Near Future The Village That Wandered (1960) amiably combines sf and fantasy tropes as Titterton, a village on the coast of Devon, breaks free of England and floats across the Atlantic Ocean, mildly beset by opposing powers (the subject of some Satire) anxious to use the new Island for military purposes; eventually Titterton arrives in New York, to which it becomes attached. [JC]

William Dinner

born Bournemouth, Dorset: 27 April


William Morum

born 1910

died 1980

works (highly selected)


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