Smith, Titus K

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(1859-?   ) US author of Altruria (1895), a Utopia couched in the form of a letter from a resident of the ideal City of Altruria, whose name specifically relates to William Dean Howell's ironic A Traveler from Altruria: Romance (November 1892-October 1893 Cosmopolitan; 1894), Smith's presentation, which lacks irony, jumbles together Howells and ideas from Edward Bellamy's Looking Backward (1888), with an emphasis on the essential altruism of Homo sapiens. The Book Agent: His Book (1904) as by Joshua Wright is spoofish but stays on the safe side of the fantastic. [JC]

Titus Keiper Smith

born 1859



  • Altruria (New York: Altruria Publishing Company, 1895) [pb/]
  • Homo sapiens. The Book Agent: His Book (New York: Thomson and Smith, 1904) as by Joshua Wright [hb/]


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