Something Is Out There

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1. Film (1977); vt of The Day of the Animals.

2. US/Australian tv miniseries (1988). CPT Holdings/Hoyts for NBC. Executive producers Frank Lupo, John Ashley. Directed by Richard Colla. Written Lupo. Cast includes Joe Cortese, Maryam d'Abo and George Dzundza. Two 100-minute episodes.

This sometimes exciting, often threadbare policier pits a tough Earth cop (Cortese) and a marooned, telepathic medical officer (d'Abo) from an Alien Prison Spaceship – she looks both human and beautiful – against an escaped alien "xenomorph", extremely dangerous and capable of invading a human host (as in The Hidden [1988], which Something Is Out There strongly resembles). In romantic buddy-movie style, he teaches her Earth customs and she teaches him Monster-catching. Rick Baker's creature effects are good; the pacing is bad; the ending is ambiguous. An edited version (165 minutes) was released on videotape.

3. US tv series (1989). NBC. Eight 50-minute episodes, the last two not aired in the USA. After the promising if uneven pilot miniseries, the series proper, again starring Cortese and d'Abo, was disappointing: crime-fighting Clichés, unremarkable scripts, and little use made of the extraterrestrial elements. [PN]


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