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US professional Online Magazine published by Timothy Cooper, which ran for at least fifteen issues between August 2000 and January 2003, although virtually nothing can now be accessed on the internet. It began as an amateur magazine with a rather bland website and little promise. Cooper was frustrated with the lack of response to the issue and by receiving only two unsolicited submissions. He sought financial backing, which he obtained, and with that was able to promise paying professional rates (5¢ a word) which eventually (by March 2002) received SFWA approval as a fully professional market. Other early contributors were Tobias S Buckell with "And Her Children Fought" (March 2001 #4), Nick Mamatas with "Impression: Sunrise" (January 2002 #11) and Tim Pratt with "Doctor Nefarious and the Lazarus Project" (May 2001 #5). Pratt also came on board as poetry editor. Speculon received favourable reviews, more for its content than its presentation, but the lack of access to back issues makes it impossible to fully judge its importance. Later releases were delayed, suggesting that funding had once more become a problem [MA]

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