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Film (1973; vt Ssssnake!). Zanuck-Brown/Universal. Produced by Dan Striepeke. Directed by Bernard L Kowalski. Written by Hal Dresner, based on a story by Striepeke. Cast includes Dirk Benedict, Strother Martin and Heather Menzies. 99 minutes. Colour.

In a period when most Monster Movies were spoofs, this competently made film is unusual for playing it straight (despite the title). An obsessed Mad Scientist (Martin) believes that only ophidians (snakes) will survive what he sees as coming ecocatastrophe, so he works on developing snake-like properties – e.g., cold blood – in humans, early failures being sold to the carnival freak-show. He finally succeeds in transforming his daughter's boy-friend (Benedict) into something like a king cobra (rather good make-up by John Chambers). Then along comes a mongoose ... [JB/PN]


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