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(1976-    ) US author whose first novel, Revolution World (2011), is a Hard SF tale set in a Near Future America after the full effects of Climate Change; the protagonist, whose advances in Genetic Engineering are coveted by a combination of international corporation and a corrupt military, leads her into a Libertarian revolt centred in Texas. The tale is told with exuberance. Spin the Sky (2012) replays Homer's Odyssey (circa 700 BCE), with an intricately and plausibly described orbital colony (see Space Habitats) replacing Ithaca, and the adventurous Cesar Vacquero, after helping win the Spacer War (see Space Opera), finding the wife he had left behind to be something of a handful (see Women in SF). The Department of Cautionary Tales (2013) is a Near Future Young Adult comic thriller whose young protagonist, who describes herself as a Mad Scientist, and whose experiments are world-shaking, though somewhat constrained by her enrolment into the eponymous government organization. Stauber is an author with muscles yet to flex. [JC]

Katy Stauber

born Sacramento, California: 5 March 1976





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