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Writing pseudonym of US author Eugene E Olson (1936-2018), who began to publish work of genre interest with "Three Tales for the Horrid at Heart" for Fantastic in January 1963 and has since written much supposed nonfiction in the field of UFOs, Alien abduction, the paranormal, the reality of Atlantis, and so forth [not listed below]. His novels tend to deal with these and related themes, as indicated by the titles of the early UFO Missionaries Extraordinary (1976) with Hayden Hewes (1943-2017) and of his last novel, Alien Rapture: The Chosen (1998) with Edgar Rothschild Fouchâe. The Under-People: The Startling Discovery of a Lost World (1969) with Warren Smith (circa 1930-2003), writing together as by Eric Norman, is a Hollow Earth tale tying together a Lost Race deep within our planet and UFO incursions on the surface; this title is not to be confused with The Underpeople (1968) by Cordwainer Smith. Some of Steiger's later nonfiction was written in collaboration with Sherry Hansen Steiger, his wife since 1987. A nonfiction work of sf relevance is Monsters, Maidens & Mayhem: A Pictorial History of Hollywood Film Monsters (1965). [DRL/JC]

Eugene E Olson

born Bode, Iowa: 19 February 1936

died Mason City, Iowa: 6 May 2018


nonfiction (highly selected)


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