Storm Watch

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Film (2002; vt Code Hunter, Virtual Storm). Cinetel Films Inc. Directed by Terry Cunningham. Written by Cunningham, Flavia Carrozzi. Cast includes Ling Bai, Nick Cornish, Vanessa Marcil and Adrian Paul. 96 minutes. Colour.

An AI (Paul) capable of controlling the weather (see Weather Control) via satellites gets loose and decides to destroy civilization. It is foiled by a clever hacker and games player (Cornish) and his friends.

Storm Watch is a reasonably competent piece of genre film-making. There are no surprises in the plot, but it goes through the motions with some skill, and contemporary reviews often express surprise that it is as good as it is. This straight-to-video film is mainly let down by its unimpressive visuals. The Virtual Reality Videogame that the hero plays gives no indication of why it is so popular: it seems to consist of running through poorly lit and blandly designed corridors. Furthermore, while this games technology suggests a setting of at least 2020, everything else in the film is clearly contemporary America; making it hard to take the film seriously as a vision of the future.

Of the variant titles, Code Hunter was both a video title and a DVD title; Virtual Storm was a DVD title in the UK. [JN]


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