Strachey, John St Loe

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(1860-1927) UK journalist, editor (in collaboration with C L Graves) and author of suavely put and extremely influential left-centre opinions; he dominated The Spectator from about 1890 until shortly before his death. This mind-set is reflected in his two books of sf interest: The Great Bread Riots; Or, What Came of Fair Trade (1885 chap) as S L S, a Near Future tale told as from the year 1934, describes the dire imagined consequences of abandoning free trade (see Economics); How England Became a Republic: A Romance of the Constitution (1891 chap) softens the transition to a republican England by describing a monarch of sufficient wit to himself become Prime Minister. [JC]

John St Loe Strachey

born Clifton, Gloucestershire: 9 February 1860

died London: 26 August 1927

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