Suburban Commando

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Film (1991). New Line Cinema. Directed by Burt Kennedy. Written by Frank Capello. Cast includes Shelley Duvall, Hulk Hogan, Christopher Lloyd and Larry Miller. 90 minutes. Colour.

This modest, affable sf comedy about a large, rough, humanoid Alien (pro wrestling star Hogan) who crashlands on Earth after being temporarily retired as an interstellar righter of wrongs, sets its sights rather low, and does quite well. The primitive but effective humour is in the wish-fulfilment fantasy of seeing one kind of nastiness – as found in a somewhat blue-collar Californian suburb – getting its comeuppance from a more "decent" brand of brutality. Lloyd plays the put-upon husband who learns not to let them kick sand in his face, and helps defeat the Monster disguised as a human who seeks to rule the Galaxy. [PN]


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