Suspense Tales

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US letter-size saddle-stapled weird fiction magazine. Publisher: Myron Fass as Suspense Publications Inc. Editor: Christopher Plumberton. One issue only, September 1959.

This was one of the first attempts by Myron Fass to capitalize on the popularity of Monster Movies during the late 1950s. Less focused than his later productions in the vein, it consists mostly of low-quality horror fiction but uses some film photographs as story illustrations; there are also two short nonfiction pieces. It is often sought after by collectors of "movie monster" magazines owing to its rarity and the Fass connection. Though presented as #4, this is in fact the only known issue. The title is given as Suspense Tales on the contents page and as Suspense only on the cover; it should not be confused with the vastly superior Suspense. [GSt/DRL]

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