Szabó-Zalán, Nicholas

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(?1886-?   ) Hungarian author, in active service during World War One, seemingly in Argentina from some point around 1945, after Hungary began to slip into the grasp of the USSR. Mission to Earth (1955) – whose apparent subtitle, The Book of Many Colours, appears only on the dust jacket – presents a kind of sacred drama in terms of a roughshod Equipoise. The Alien who lands his Spaceship on Earth is also St Peter on a fact-finding mission on the behalf of God. In discussions with the protagonist, who seems to be Hungarian, he finds much to distress him in the history of Europe during the years of the author's adulthood. A fantasia upon Orson Welles's Radio broadcast of H G Wells's the War of the Worlds (1898) occupies one chapter to allegorical effect. There are hints that some resolution may be found in the Near Future. [JC]

Nicholas Szabó-Zalán

born Hungary: ?1886



  • Mission to Earth (Buenos Aires, Argentina: Intercontinental Publishing Company, 1955) [play: trans anon from an unidentified Hungarian text, possibly from manuscript: an apparent subtitle, The Book of Many Colours, appears only on dust jacket: hb/uncredited]


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