Tatăr, Doru

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(1956-    ) Romania civil engineer and author in whose sf novel, Prioritate Zero (1990; trans Raymond Humphreys and Petru Iamandi as Top Priority 2011), a tale of Cosmology in which the implosion into the universe of a vast Black Hole leads to a human/Alien interaction whose outcome is likely to generate a something like a new universe (see Cosmology; Transcendence). [JC]

Doru Tatăr

born 5 March 1956



  • Prioritate Zero (Galati, Romania: Porto-Franco, 1990) [binding unknown/]
    • Top Priority (Rockville, Maryland: Wildside Press/The Borgo Press, 2011) [trans by Raymond Humphreys and Petru Iamandi of the above: pb/]


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