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(?   -    ) New-Zealand born teacher and author raised in UK, now in Australia. His Young Adult Superhumans sequence beginning with Meteorite Strike (2010) follows the adventures of its young protagonists who develop Superpowers in response to a deadly new virus centred in the Australian outback. Having aroused the attention of an international conspiracy to run the world known as HIDRA, they develop their powers for the sake of humanity, eventually defeating an Alien entity with Robot killing machines that assault London. A singleton, The Adjusters (2012 ebook), is set in an overcontrolled town which unpacks into a full-blown Dystopia; the young protagonist and his new girlfriend rebel. [JC]

Andrew G Taylor






  • Meteorite Strike (London: Usborne Publishing, 2010) [Superhumans: pb/]
  • Alien Storm (London: Usborne Publishing, 2010) [Superhumans: pb/]
  • Enemy Invasion (London: Usborne Publishing, 2011) [Superhumans: pb/]

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