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(1942-    ) US author whose sf activities long seemed to have been restricted to the publication, in a single year, of not only Silent Galaxy (1981), a singleton in which survivors of an Invasion of Earth, but also the three books of the Timequest sequence comprising Time Quest #1: Rashanyn Dark (1981), Time Quest #2: Hydrabyss Red (1981) and Time Quest #3: Nemydia Deep (1981), in which humanity – threatened by Invasion of the galaxy-conquering Kigon – disperses over aeons of Long Night into a farflung diaspora; after awakening (see Sleeper Awakes), the long-dormant human protagonists enter into Space Opera adventures as they seek their kind. A decade later he published a horror novel, Liquid Diet (1992). Battlefields of Silence (2007), another Space Opera, harks back to Timequest. Further pod titles have been listed on Tedford's site [see links below] but their publication has not been confirmed. [JC]

William G Tedford

born Davenport, Iowa: 9 June 1942




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