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The Television anthology series, with each segment presenting a new genre story or adaptation of some existing story, has frequently been attempted with varying degrees of success. Series which receive full entries in this encyclopedia are, in chronological order:

Lights Out (1946-1952); Out There (1951-1952); Tales of Tomorrow (1951-1953); Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955-1965); Science Fiction Theatre (1955-1957); The Twilight Zone (1959-1964; 1985-1989; 2002-2003); 'Way Out (1961); Out of This World (1962); The Outer Limits (1963-1965), revived (1995-2002); Out of the Unknown (1965-1971); The Marvel Super Heroes (1966-1967); Rod Serling's Night Gallery (1970-1972); Tales from the Darkside (1983-1988); Amazing Stories (1985-1987; vt Steven Spielberg's Amazing Stories); Twilight Q (1987); Monsters (1988-1991); Welcome to Paradox (1998); Masters of Science Fiction (2007; vt Stephen Hawking's Sci-Fi Masters); Masters of Horror (2006-2008); Black Mirror (2011-2019); Love, Death and Robots (2019).

See also Radio for some anthology series of genre interest in that medium. [DRL]

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