Thompson, Edward Herbert

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(1857-1935) US archaeologist and author, mostly resident in the Yucatan, Mexico, from 1885; he gained some notoriety for an early essay, "Atlantis Not a Myth" (1879 Popular Science Monthly), basing his argument for the historical reality of Atlantis on his conviction that ancient Maya monuments, following a diffusionist model, must have had some such precedent. His many years studying Maya civilization both changed his mind and provided much evidence to the world of the autonomy of that world. Of sf interest is The Children of the Cave (1929), whose young protagonists find themselves deep Underground in Yucatan, where they discover a Lost World. Much is learned. [JC]

Edward Herbert Thompson

born Worcester, Massachusetts: 28 September 1857

died Plainfield, New Jersey: 11 May 1935

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