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(1852-circa 1933) UK politician, trade unionist and author; elected president of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) in 1885, serving in various positions over the next decade or so. He failed in more than one election campaign, the last as a Lib-Lab candidate for Kirkdale in 1892, and subsequently focused on writing. The Sword of Allah (1899), which features a Scottish soldier of fortune at Medina, prefigures his sf novel, The Great Magician (1901), in which a British soldier, converting to Islam after the Battle of Khartoum, discovers a Lost Race of protohumans (see Evolution) in the North Africa desert. The Strange Adventures of a Magistrate (coll of linked stories 1903) contains some supernatural tales. [JC]

Thomas Robert Threlfall

born Lancashire: 1852

died circa 1933

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