Tintera, Amy

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(?   -    ) US author of the Near Future Young Adult Dystopian Reboot sequence beginning with Reboot (2013), whose young protagonist, having died, is reborn with enhanced abilities but with a Zombie-like lack of affect, making her an ideal recruit in the repressive regime's army, except for a sudden love interest, and the new experiences available beyond the city walls. [JC]

Amy Tintera






  • Reboot (New York: Harper Teen, 2013) [Reboot: hb/]
  • Rebel (New York: Harper Teen, 2014) [Reboot: hb/]

Emelina Flores

  • Ruined (New York: Harper Teen, 2016) [Emelina Flores: hb/John Dismukes]
  • Avenged (New York: Harper Teen, 2017) [Emelina Flores: hb/John Dismukes]
  • Allied (New York: Harper Teen, 2018) [Emelina Flores: hb/John Dismukes]


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