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(?   -    ) UK librarian and author who is of sf interest for The Voices sequence beginning with The Defender (2017), set in a Near Future Disaster-riven massively depopulated America whose survivors, haunted by imperative voices in their heads, begin to behave in an atavistically "pre-conscious" manner, specifically linked by Todd to Julian Jaynes's arguments in The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind (1976). Hunted (2018) carries the protagonists of the previous volume deeper into the hinterlands of the blasted imperium. [JC]

Gemma X Todd





The Voices

  • The Defender (London: Headline, 2017) [The Voices: hb/]
  • Hunted (London: Headline, 2018) [The Voices: hb/]


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