Turnbull, Cadwell

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(1987-    ) US author, born in mainland America but raised from infancy in St Thomas, US Virgin Islands, a cultural environment whose Island intensity proved central to his work; he began publishing work of genre interest with "Loneliness Is in Your Blood" in Nightmare Magazine for January 2017. His first novel, The Lesson (2019), is set in a Near Future U S Virgin Islands alive with the consequences of an Alien "research" expedition which has occupied the Island for three years (see Imperialism; Race in SF). One of the aliens has lived undercover in humanoid form on Earth for centuries (see Secret Masters), though the chance that some form of Uplift for Homo sapiens is pending remains problematic; the complex tale revolves around her intimacies with island humans, who are black, and an interspecies murder. The Lesson can clearly and fruitfully be read as an analysis of colonialism, its costs and its poisonous allure (see Exogamy). [JC]

Cadwell Wilbur Turnbull

born Chevy Chase, Maryland: 12 August 1987



  • The Lesson (Ashland, Oregon: Blackstone Publishing, 2019) [hb/]


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