Ulbach, Louis

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(1822-1889) French author, prolific in various genres from around 1844, well known for polemical satires as by Ferragus which targeted both the political left and right. Of sf interest are the tales assembled in Le Prince Bonifacio; La dame blanche de Bade; Le petit homme rouge; Le démon du laco (coll 1864; trans Brian Stableford with added stories as Prince Bonifacio and Other Stories coll 2013). "Le Prince Bonifacio" (in L'Isle des Rêves, coll 1860) is in part a political Satire, told with the concision of the conte philosophique as shaped by Voltaire, and in part a spoof diatribe against Mad Scientists, featuring scenes involving a disembodied brain. [JC]

Louis Ulbach

born Troyes, Aube, France: 7 March 1822

died Paris: 16 April 1889



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