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Working name of US author David G Van Arnam (1935-2002), who insisted on the capital V (not van Arnam). He began publishing sf with Lost in Space (1967) with Ron Archer (Ted White), a novelization from the television series Lost in Space. Sideslip (1968) was also written with White, who this time used his own name; the protagonist of this Alternate-World tale finds himself in a different 1968 New Work where Aliens have ruled Earth since 1938, incidentally preventing World War Two. Further routine sf adventures by van Arnam are Star Gladiator (1967 chap dos), Starmind (1969) and Greyland (1972). The Zantain fantasies – The Players of Hell (1968 chap dos) and Wizard of Storms (1970) – are well constructed and occasionally vivid, as are the Jamnar/Star Barbarian fantasies, Star Barbarian (1969) and Lord of Blood (1970). [JC/DRL]

David G Van Arnam

born 31 July 1935

died Albany, California: 3 August 2002




Jamnar/Star Barbarian

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