Vesaas, Tarjei

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(1897-1970) Norwegian author who wrote in the version or dialect of Norwegian known as nynorsk; he is perhaps best known for a tale of Nordic Fantastika, where the near-supernatural affinity of two young girls, whose relationship is Doppelganger-intense, is echoed by the nearby, eponymous, gravity-defying ice-palace, ostensibly a waterfall, whose ultimate collapse has chthonic echoes. [JC]

Tarjei Vesaas

born Tinje, Telemark, Norway: 20 August 1897

died Oslo, Norway: 15 March 1970

works (highly selected)

  • Is-Slottet (Oslo, Norway: Gyldendal, 1963) [hb/]
    • Ice Palace (London: Peter Owen, 1966) [trans by Elizabeth Rokkan of the above: hb/]


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