Vibert, Paul

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Working name of French author Edmond-Celestin-Paul Vibert (1851-1918) who, in Pour Lire en Automobile: nouvelles fantastiques ["For Reading in an Automobile: Fantastic Stories"] (coll 1901; trans Brian Stableford as The Mysterious Fluid coll 2011), espouses the theory that electricity is the universal Power Source underlying all other forms of energy. Most of his collection comprises is made up of illustrative vignettes, most of them sufficiently "advanced" in their descriptions of the powers of electricity to count as sf; some of the more sustained tales show the influence of Jules Verne. Vibert was an impassioned defender of the innocence of Alfred Dreyfus (1859-1935). [JC]

Edmond-Celestin-Paul Vibert

born 1851

died 1918



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