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(1954-    ) US screenwriter and author who has focused on the splendours and miseries of California life and culture, as in his first book, Force Majeure: The Bud Wiggins Stories (coll of linked stories 1988; exp vt Force Majeure 1991), whose Comic-Inferno examination of Hollywood (see Cinema) edges close to the fantastic. His script for the Television series Wild Palms (which see for details) is full-blown sf. He produced three separate books about or rendering the series: The Wild Palms Reader (1993) with Roger Trilling (contributing editor) can be read as fiction or nonfiction or both; Wild Palms (graph 1993) is a spoofish novelization as a Graphic Novel; and Wild Palms: The Teleplay (1994) directly conveys a sense of the Satire that underpins the enterprise. He wrote the screen play for the sf film White Dwarf (1995), whose gonzo plot may have overstretched director Peter Markle's budget. [JC]

Bruce Alan Wagner

born Madison, Wisconsin: 20 March 1954


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