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(1828-1906) UK author, almost certainly the Victorian writer on photography, actor, playwright, journalist and painter Andrew Henry Wall, who also served as the Librarian of the Shakespeare Memorial Library in Stratford. He is the author of two novels of some sf interest: A Romance of N'Shabé: Being a Record of Startling Adventures in South Central Africa (1891) with Andrew A Anderson, set in Zimbabwe, where the last descendants of Solomon demonstrate the fact that ancient civilization in Africa was of white origin (see Imperialism; Lost Race; Race in SF); and A Princess of Chalco (1892), in which a quest for El Dorado in South America uncovers a Lost World inhabited by Egyptians, who are also safely white. [JC/MA]

Alfred Henry Wall

born London: 2 November 1828 [baptised]

died Stratford-on-Avon, Stratfordshire: 24 June 1906

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