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(1978-    ) US author whose Archetype sequence comprising Archetype (2014) and Prototype (2014) features a young woman with Amnesia – it is soon revealed that she has suffered a Memory Edit at the hands of her doctors – whose responses to the world into which she is revived are akin to responses typical of protagonists in Sleeper Awakes tales. This Near Future world is extremely sf-like, with Teleportation and other familiar features; but the focus of the tale is on the protagonist's growing sense that she is being groomed for the wrong mate, that there is a husband or lover somewhere in the past (or elsewhere). It seems unwise to assume that she is a Clone, or Avatar; nor is it wise to assume she is not, for within the glassy Dystopia she discovers herself a part of, profound manipulations of Identity are routine. [JC]

Misty Dawn Waters

born 20 September 1978



  • Archetype (New York: Penguin/Dutton, 2014) [hb/Vanessa Paxton]
  • Prototype (New York: Penguin/Dutton, 2014) [hb/Vanessa Paxton]


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