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(1942-    ) UK author, in New Zealand from around 2005, almost all of whose work has been for children or Young Adult readers; she began to publish work of genre interest with "Flight for Freedom" in Fantastic Space Stories (anth 1994) edited by Tony Bradman. Her three series [none are listed below] are the Just George sequence for younger readers, and the Charlie Scroggins sequence and the St Jo's Hospital sequence, both nonfantastic. Some of her individual novels are of sf or fantasy interest. Snowbird Winter (1994) is fantasy. Siren Song (1996) is set on a colony planet (see Colonization of Other Worlds) whose autochthones are at risk. Dreamstalker (1997) is a ghost story. Starlight City (1998) is set in a Dystopian 2050, with a plot revolving around attempts to rescue a mysterious elderly woman in the grip of the authorities. Whispers on the Wind (2002), set in a fantasy world, invokes ESP to unravel its protagonist's dilemma. Waiting for Mermaids (2002) is an ambivalent fantasy. Saving Magic (2013), set in a Ruined Earth world that is not perhaps not our own planet, engages its young protagonists in an attempt to save the Genetically Engineered waif they have taken in, and who is growing wings. [JC]

Sue Welford

born Brighton, Sussex: 15 August 1942


works (selected)

  • Snowbird Winter (Oxford, Oxfordshire: Oxford University Press, 1994) [pb/]
  • Siren Song (London: Scholastic UK/Point SF, 1996) [pb/David Wyatt]
  • Dreamstalker (London: Mammoth, 1997) [pb/]
  • Starlight City (Oxford, Oxfordshire: Oxford University Press, 1998) [pb/Rob Hefferan]
  • Whispers on the Wind (Oxford, Oxfordshire: Oxford University Press, 2002) [pb/]
  • Waiting for Mermaids (Oxford, Oxfordshire: Oxford University Press, 2002) [pb/Digital Vision/imagelibrary]
  • Saving Magic (London: Pollinger in Print, 2013) [ebook: na/]


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