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Unidentified pseudonym of the author (?   -    ) of the Requite sequence comprising The Maker's Mask (2010) and The Hawkwood War (2010), set in the Planetary Romance venue of a planet colonized many centuries earlier (see Colonization of Other Worlds), in which ancient Starships have become Keeps known as Spires. The upper classes use ill-understood Computers and Genetic Engineering to maintain their power; revolution, and romance, brew. A third tale, Heavy Ice (2013), is set later in the same universe. Firebrand (2012), a romance tale set in a Steampunk-inflected fantasy world, where the heroine's inheriting an Airship leads to dynastic disputes in a Ruritanian frame. [JC]

Ankaret Wells






individual titles

  • Firebrand (London: Lulu.com, 2012) [pb/Ankaret Wells]


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