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Pseudonym of UK author Mary Aline Siepmann (née Farmar) (1912-2002) whose first three novels were Young Adult tales somewhat removed from the acerbic, take-no-prisoners, erotically charged adult novels she published in later life, beginning with Jumping the Queue (1983). The Sixth Seal (1969) describes the survival of its protagonists Underground during the course of an unspecific but seemingly planetary Disaster, after which they must attempt to work out how to live in the new world. Speaking Terms (1969) is a mild-toned Talking Animal fantasy [see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below], whose human protagonists attempt to create a safer world for all. Haphazard House (1983); Haphazard House (1983) is a supernatural fantasy involving a haunted house. [JC]

Mary Aline Siepmann

born Englefield Green, Surrey: 24 June 1912

died Totnes, Devon: 30 December 2002

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