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(circa 1984-    ) Australian author whose Voidwitch Saga sequence, beginning with Killing Gravity (2017), mixes Equipoisally sf and fantasy modes in a Space Opera tale featuring a young woman who has been Genetically Engineered into a "voidwitch" whose powers are designed to make her into an augmented soldier with Superpowers. The narrative – in which she escapes the establishment in which she had been shaped, and hunts her hunters in the fringes of what may be a Galactic Empire – is virtuoso, though at times pell-mell. Eventually, in the company of her Mutant cat and a psychically damaged teenager, she finds the secret of her engineered origins. [JC]

Corey J White

born Australia: circa 1984




Voidwitch Saga

  • Killing Gravity (New York: Tor.com, 2017) [Voidwitch Saga: pb/Tommy Arnold]
  • Void Black Shadow (New York: Tor.com, 2018) [Voidwitch Saga: pb/Tommy Arnold]
  • Static Ruin (New York: Tor.com, 2018) [Voidwitch Saga: pb/Tommy Arnold]


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