Wilbrandt, Adolf

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(1837-1911) German theatre director and author whose possible relationship to Conrad Wilbrandt is undetermined; his Fridolins heimliche Ehe (1875; trans Clara Bell as Fridolin's Secret Marriage 1884), based on the life of the art historian Friedrich Eggers (181-1872), may be the first avowedly gay novel published in Germany. Of sf interest is Die Osterinsel (1894; trans A S Rapaport as A New Humanity; Or, the Easter Island 1905), in which a Utopia is found on a remote Island where a race of Supermen may be bred in peace. [JC]

Adolf von Wilbrandt

born Rostock, Mecklenberg, Germany: 24 August 1837

died Rostock, Mecklenberg, Germany: 10 June 1911



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