Wilbur, Anne T

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(1817-1864) US translator, who also published as by Florence Leight, Mrs John Procter and Mrs Annie T Wood. Her version of "La science en famille. Un voyage en ballon. (Réponse à l'énigme de juillet.)" (August 1851 Musée des famille, seconde série; trans May 1852 Sartain's Union Magazine of Literature and Art as "A Voyage in a Balloon") was the first translation of Jules Verne into English. Other translations include Le Roman de la Momie (1858; trans as The Romance of a Mummy 1863) by Théophile Gautier. [JC]

Anne Toppan Wilbur Wood

born Wendell, Massachusetts: 20 June 1817

died Marietta, Ohio: 14 September 1864


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