Williams, Emlyn

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(1905-1987) Welsh actor, playwright and author, his first plays being performed as early as 1922; several of them have mild inclinations to the supernatural. Headlong (1980), which was filmed as King Ralph (1991) directed by David S Ward, is an Alternate History tale in which an American, Ralph Jones, suddenly succeeds to the British throne after the entire royal family has died in an accident. The story diverges significantly from recent history when the new king successfully reindustrializes the north-east, a territory which includes Wales. Williams was appointed CBE in 1962. [JC]

George Emlyn Williams

born Mostyn, Flintshire, Wales: 26 November 1905

died London: 25 September 1987

works (highly selected)

  • Headlong (London: Heinemann, 1980) [hb/]


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