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(1706-1776) UK author, curate and schoolmaster in Halton Gill, Littondale, Yorkshire, who wrote and published the Proto SF narrative The History of Israel Jobson, the Wandering Jew [for subtitle see Checklist] (1757 chap) as by M W, as a device for teaching his young pupils about astronomy. This story takes the titular Wandering Jew character – a cobbler – on an angelically mediated Fantastic Voyage to the Moon and other worlds of our Solar System including Mars and Saturn (see Outer Planets), all inhabited by bizarre Aliens. Apparently the teaching ploy misfired when parents believed Wilson was trying to promote his fiction as fact; he had to retrieve the books and promise to destroy them, though evidently some escaped. [DRL]

Miles Wilson

born 1706 [baptized 22 September]

died 1776


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