Wray, Phoebe

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(1935-    ) US actor, environmentalist and author whose Jemma's World sequence opening with Jemma7729 (2008) depicts the life in the twenty-third century of a young female protagonist who discovers that the misogyny and oppressiveness of the enclosed Dystopia of her birth can be rebelled against, and escaped from. Communal life outside the walls is described comfortingly (see Feminism). [JC]

Phoebe Wray

born Franklin, Pennsylvania: 23 January 1935




Jemma's World

  • Jemma7729 (Calgary, Alberta: Hades Publications/Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing, 2008) [Jemma's World: pb/David Willicome]
  • J2 (Howell, New Jersey: Dark Quest Books, 2012) [Jemma's World: pb/Mike McPhail]


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