Wright, W George

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(?   -?   ) UK author of fiction for boys, who also wrote as by Howard Grant and Paul Quinton. In The School in the Air: A Splendid Long Complete Story of Schoolboy Fun & Adventure All Over the World (28 October 1922-6 January 1923 Pluck; 1924 chap) and Wings of Adventure: An Exciting Yarn of Schoolboy Travel & Adventure on an Air Trip to Africa (13 January-14 April 1923 Pluck; 1926 chap), both as by Paul Quinton, a number of chums enjoy their schooling in an advanced Airship while exploring the world, the venue and didactic intent being reminiscent of Jules Verne. [JC/RR]

see also: Boys' Friend Library; Boys' Papers.

W George Wright





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