Young, Janine Ellen

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(?   -    ) US teacher and author whose first sf novel, Cinderblock (1997) is set in a Near Future America crosshatched by Cyberspace turfs under criminal control, generating an insecurity about what is Virtual Reality and what remains "real". In her second novel, The Bridge (2000), an attempt at First Contact at viral level fails catastrophically, due to the Aliens' ignorance of human Biology; Earth's population is decimated, leaving some survivors who have lived through the plague, and some who are immune. The former have been transfigured into beings who long for the stars; the latter have not. [JC]

Janine Ellen Young




  • Cinderblock (New York: New American Library/Roc, 1997) [pb/Bruce Jensen]
  • The Bridge (New York: Warner Books/Aspect, 2000) [pb/Victor Lee]


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