2012 Hugos

03 September 2012

The SF Encyclopedia team is enormously thrilled to have been voted the Hugo Award for Best Related work at the 2012 ceremony during the Chicago Worldcon on 2 September. Graham Sleight accepted the award (since for various reasons the other principal editors John Clute, David Langford and Peter Nicholls couldn't make it to Chicon), and reports "a great deal of general goodwill towards the SFE before and after the ceremony." Thank you all. And congratulations to the rest of the Hugo winners!

Although for the sake of sanity the Hugo is presented to the front-line editors, it's important to remember the huge efforts of the Contributing Editors listed in the Introduction, and of all the other Contributors to the first, second and current editions. The present 3.7-million-word edifice was built by a lot of people on the solid foundation of the second edition's 1.3 million words. We're still building.

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