Downtime and Sponsorshop

17 April 2021

Problems with the Hachette web server made SFE access difficult or impossible from 9 April to 13 April; our thanks to Mike Webb of Hachette IT for carrying out the traditional ritual of poking the server with a big stick.

The news that Orion/Gollancz and the SFE will be parting amicably in October 2021 has already led to offers of help and sponsorship. We are grateful to acknowledge significant donations from Andy Richards of Cold Tonnage Books (a long-time supporter of this project), Joe Haldeman and David J Lally, while the Dublin 2019 Worldcon committee and Handheld Press have offered further support.

David Langford has very nearly finished creating the alternative SFE site (looking closely similar to this one, but with several improvements) which will be officially unveiled in October.

[Updated 1 May 2021.]

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