Easter Bulletin

29 March 2013

EightSquaredCon, the 64th British Eastercon, is currently taking place in Bradford, Yorkshire. Editors of this Encyclopedia are somewhat thin on the ground (John Clute is in the USA, David Langford is ill, Peter Nicholls is in Australia, and so on) -- but our Research Editor, Roger Robinson, can probably be found in the dealers' room.

Recent deaths of genre notables include James Herbert on 21 March, who as a horror novelist doesn't have an SFE entry (although enough of his works have sf elements that he's on our list for inclusion), and Paul Williams on 27 March. Though better known for rock music criticism than sf, Williams was instrumental in nurturing Philip K Dick's posthumous career in times when it might have fizzled, and edited (most of) the definitive collections of Theodore Sturgeon's short fiction. Malcolm Edwards remembers them both in Gollancz blog posts: Herbert, Williams.

New developments at the SFE website have been relatively low-key. Following our January trumpet-blowing and cymbal-banging at having reached four million words, another 78,000 have been quietly added. Sharp-eyed users of the site may have noticed that the Connect with SFE box (front page, right-hand panel) now has extra links, e.g. to John Clute's prolific SFE tweets and the email feedback form that some of you found less than easy to locate. Behind the scenes we're testing a Picture Gallery option that will add a little tasteful eye candy in the form of sf book cover images from the mighty Clute Collection, the L W Currey dealer site, and anywhere else we can scrounge them.

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