November Note

07 November 2013

On 4 November 2013, the ever-increasing tally of images added to the SF Encyclopedia Picture Gallery crept past 8000. This represents more scanning, captioning (by Roger Robinson) and uploading of book covers than we really like to think about. The main text's entry and word counts keep rising too; we are now hovering on the very brink of 4.2 million words, but foresee a long haul before uncorking the champagne at the 5 million mark.

John Clute and David Langford will be at Novacon 43 in Nottingham, 8-10 November -- not promoting the SFE especially, just hanging around in the bar. Though fearsome of aspect, they are really quite approachable.

We've reluctantly added a plaintive paragraph to the email feedback form, beginning "Please note that the SF Encyclopedia is a reference work, not an author contact agency." This is meant for the all too many readers who want a private word with Neil Gaiman, George R R Martin or (someone who doesn't even have an entry) J K Rowling.

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