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(1947-    ) US writer who remains best known for his three formidably ambitious Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever high-fantasy sequences, the first two of which established him as a Fantasy writer of central importance in the 1970s and 1980s, and winner of the John W Campbell Award for most promising writer in 1979. Although characters in Mordant's Need (see listing below) shift between worlds via gates which arguably work according to sf conventions governing Matter Transmission, Donaldson did not become of strong sf interest until the publication of the Gap sequence, a metaphysical, Galaxy-spanning Space Opera: The Gap into Conflict: The Real Story (1990), The Gap into Vision: Forbidden Knowledge (1991), The Gap into Power: A Dark and Hungry God Arises (1992), The Gap into Madness: Chaos and Order (1994) and The Gap into Ruin: This Day All Gods Die (1995). [See Checklist for a later retitling and repackaging of the series in four rather than five volumes.] The sequence is characterized by a pounding bluntness of prose, a plot-pattern which makes some superficial homage to traditional Space Opera, an underlying extremism in both the creation of character (both the villain and the seeming hero are almost supernaturally monstrous) and in the expression of sexual violence; analogies and echoes of Richard Wagner's Ring Cycle of operas are explicit from the first, and dominate the latter parts of the tale, as intergalactic Gotterdämmerung looms. An initial stiffness in the writing of the sequence loosens steadily as the pace intensifies, though the barriers imposed by those first volumes have kept some readers from the pleasures of the slow crescendo towards climax. [JC]

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Stephen Reeder Donaldson

born Cleveland, Ohio: 13 May 1947






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