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Sidewise Award

Tagged: Award

These annual awards for Alternate History fiction were conceived in 1995 by Evelyn C Leeper, Robert B Schmunk and Steven H Silver, and have since been presented annually in two categories, Long Form for works of more than 60,000 words and Short Form for works (including poems) of less than 60,000 words. The awards' name is a homage to Murray Leinster's short Timeslip/Parallel Worlds story "Sidewise in Time" (June 1934 Astounding).The winners below are listed by their year of eligibility, theoretically corresponding to first English language publication but usually – for non-US work – deferred until first US publication. Special Achievement awards are occasionally presented, either to mark no...

Brown, Chester

Tagged: Comics | Art

(1960-    ) Canadian creator of Yummy Fur, a fantasy Comic whose stories lurch from one comics Taboo to another: Religion, homosexuality, Vampires, Zombies, masturbation and a full spectrum of bodily excretions. Yummy Fur began life as a series of tiny (A6) self-published pamphlets in the early 1980s. Brown was eventually approached by Vortex Comics in 1986 to produce a regular Yummy Fur. The first three issues of this reprinted all the mini-comics and included characters and stories that were to feature in the 15 issues that followed, notably "Adventures in Science" (1985), "The Man Who Couldn't Stop" (1985) and "Ed the Happy Clown" (1986); this last story involved ghosts, pygmy cannibalism...

Byrds, The

Tagged: Music

The celebrated US pop group recorded their most enduring music in the 1960s, and are often associated with the hippy and psychedelic aspects of that decade, although their music owes as much to Country and Folk traditions. Founded by Roger McGuinn (1942-    ), David Crosby (1941-    ), Chris Hillman (1944-    ), Gene Clark (1944-1991) and Michael Clarke (1946-1993), the group began by playing in a pastiche-Beatles idiom, but quickly developed a strong pop style of their own. Sf songs are relatively rare but nevertheless significant elements of the Byrds discography, most notably the likeable country-rock "Mr Spaceman" (in Fifth Dimension, 1966), in which an extraterrestrial visitor is enthus...


Tagged: Publication | Fan

US Fanzine edited by Rich and Nicki Lynch. Published 1982-2003, page count ranging from 34 to 108 pages; issues #1-#16 US letter-size duplicated by mimeograph with litho-printed covers, issues #17-#30 US ledger-size (folded and saddle-stapled) litho-printed. Frequency was approximately two issues per year, except for a five year interval between the first two issues. Stylistically, articles and essays are written first-person; each article has a short introduction or prelude by the editors and features artwork commissioned for the piece.The focus was on the history of Fandom and also on "things fans do". Examples of the latter include the "Tales of Adventure and Medical Life" series by Sharo...

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