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Frank R Paul Award

Tagged: Award

An sf art award named in memory of Frank R Paul and administered by Ken "Khen" Moore (?1943-2009) and other committee members of the Nashville, Tennessee, Convention Kubla-Khan on behalf of the Nashville Science Fiction Association from 1976 to 1996; each winner also served as the convention's Artist Guest of Honour. The award is noteworthy for the general distinction of its recipients. The physical trophies, made by Moore, took the form of a model of the planet Saturn on a pedestal. Official records are elusive, but online fan histories suggest that the list of winners below is complete. [JGr/FW/DRL/GW] 1976: John Schoenherr 1977: Frank Kelly Freas 1978: Vincent Di Fate 1979: Michael Wh...

SF Music

Tagged: Music

This article is in two parts: 1, Science Fiction in Classical Music; 2, Science Fiction in Popular Music. For discussion of music as it is portrayed in sf, see Music 1. Science fiction in classical music The fullest interaction between sf and music is in the broad sense a twentieth-century phenomenon, although there are various examples of earlier classical music that treats of or finds aural structure for sf, some of it surprisingly early. It is fair to say that sf music, broadly, reflected particular developments in literary sf rather than the other way around. During the vogue for voyages extraordinaires to the moon and sun, for instance, a number of composers worked in this idiom: for...

Calvert, Robert

Tagged: Music | People

(1945-1988) South African-born poet and musician who moved to London in the 1960s and became friendly with Michael Moorcock, amongst others. He fronted Hawkwind during their most spacy 1970s period, but also released material under his own name, although his solo album Captain Lockheed & The Starfighters (1974) is not sf (it is a concept-album that retells the story of the development of Lockheed's F-104 Starfighter jet plane). Calvert's sf poems appeared in various fanzines and samizdat publications, and were included in the anthology The Purple Hours (1974) edited by Lisa Conesa. [AR]Robert Newton Calvertborn Pretoria, South Africa: 9 March 1945died Ramsgate, Kent: 14 August 1988links On...

Children's SF

Tagged: Theme

Sf written with a specifically juvenile audience in mind is almost as old as the genre itself. The Voyages extraordinaires of Jules Verne, over 60 novels published between 1863 and 1920, were largely marketed as for adolescent boys, though they found an adult readership also. Contemporaneous with Verne's works were the early Dime Novels in the USA, also in the main written for children, and it was not long before Boys' Papers with a strong sf content came along, followed by such Juvenile Series as Victor Appleton's Tom Swift stories. The juvenile series written under the floating pseudonym Roy Rockwood, The Great Marvel Series, published much sf between 1906 and 1935. These topics are discus...

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