Francis, Marianne

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(?   -    ) UK author of Egyptian Light (1950), a dynastic-fantasy-like tale set in Atlantis, featuring a princess in flight and her espousal to the Egyptian pharaoh who rescues her after shipwreck. Atlantis sinks. [JC]Marianne Francisborn died works Egyptian Light (London: Regency Press, 1950) [hb/]links Internet Speculative Fiction Database...

Pines, Ned L

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(1905-1990) US magazine and book publisher who in 1931 founded a group of magazines with Thrilling in the title: Thrilling Detective, Thrilling Love, etc. These became part of the Pines Publications group (which Pines served as president 1929-1961), whose associated companies included Standard Magazines, Beacon Magazines and Better Publications. In 1936 Pines bought Gernsback's Wonder Stories and retitled it Thrilling Wonder Stories to fit neatly among his other magazines. Among Pines's senior staff members were Leo Margulies and Mort Weisinger. Pines was by no means an sf specialist – of the 44 or so magazines he owned by the end of the 1930s, the huge majority were not sf – but other SF Ma...

Boys' Papers

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Although boys' papers could easily be dismissed as being of negligible literary value, perhaps unjustly since Upton Sinclair and other eminent writers found their footing there, they played an important role in the History of SF in the last three decades of the nineteenth century and the early years of the twentieth century, by creating a potential readership for the SF Magazines and by anticipating many Genre-SF themes.The prevailing style of US boys' papers was largely set in the 1870s and after by periodicals such as The Boys of New York and Golden Hours, which published serialized novels similar and often identical to those in dime-novel format (that is, one single short novel per issue)...

Shinseiki Evangelion

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["New Century Evangelion" vt "Neon Genesis Evangelion"] Animated tv series. (1995-1996 Japan). Studio Gainax, TV Tokyo, King Records, Tatsunoko. Directed by Hideaki Anno Kazuya Tsurumaki; starring Megumi Ogata, Megumi Hayashibara, Yuko Miyamura. Screenplay Hideaki Anno, Akio Satsugawa. 26 episodes of 25 minutes. Colour.In the year 2000, a devastating "meteorite strike" on Antarctica creates a global cataclysm and Climate Change. It is, however, merely a cover-up for the real emergency, oncoming waves of Alien attacks by supposedly invulnerable creatures called the "Apostles" (shito, translated in both the Anglophone version and in-text in the Japanese version into English as "Angels"). A gro...

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