Morrill, Rowena

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(1944-    ) American artist who often signs herself simply Rowena; she and Victoria Poyser were among the earliest women who had a major impact on sf and Fantasy art. After leaving college to marry a military man, Morrill began fascinated with art and returned to school to earn a BA from the University of Delaware and to enter the MFA program of the Tyler School of Arts, though she left without obtaining a degree. She then moved to New York City to launch a career as a cover artist, beginning with her cover for Jane Parkhurst's Isobel (1977), showing a naked woman holding up a chalice for a demonic Monster. She demonstrated the ability to handle sf tropes with her covers for a 1978 edition o...

Moody Blues, The

Tagged: Music

UK band formed in Birmingham in the early 1960s by Michael Pinder (1941-    ) and Ray Thomas (1941-    ); they combined rock-pop and orchestral musical idioms to notable and popular effect. The band's second release, the concept-album Days of Future Passed (1967) is not sf, despite its title (it tells the story of a single day – a Tuesday – in the life of an ordinary man). In Search of the Lost Chord (1968) is tinged with Indian mysticism. On the Threshold of a Dream (1969) embodies a rather attractive incoherence very characteristic of the hippier varieties of the late 1960s, and seems to be about a spirit-voyage around the cosmos. The group's most straightforwardly sf album is To Our Child...

Neanderthal Man, The

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US film (1953). Global Productions, Inc. Produced by Aubrey Wisberg and Jack Pollexfen. Directed by Ewald André Dupont (credited as E A Dupont). Screenplay by Wisberg and Pollexfen from their original story. Starring Robert Shayne, Richard Crane, Joy Terry (Jan Groves), Doris Merrick (Ruth Marshall), Tandra Quinn (credited as Jeanette Quinn), Beverly Garland. 78 minutes. Black and white.Professor Clifford Groves (Shayne), an expert on prehistoric life, has developed the curious Evolution-related theory that on the basis of skull size and brain capacity – rashly taken as a measure of Intelligence – Neanderthals were equal or superior to Homo sapiens. His theory is roundly rejected by the Natu...

Zappa, Frank

Tagged: Music | People

(1940-1993) US composer, singer and guitarist. Of Zappa's seventy-five albums (many credited to "Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention") some include references to > Pulp-magazine heroics and monstrosities that are recognizably sf. Zappa was always happiest juxtaposing avant-garde classical, experimental, chart-pop and popular culture more generally, as in his extended jazz-fusion "King Kong" (on Uncle Meat, 1969), a version, obviously, of King Kong. Joe's Garage (1978) is a sprawling rock opera that has a good deal of knockabout fun with L Ron Hubbard's Scientology religion – on the album these become L Ron Hoover and the "First Church of Appliantology" in which adherents are taught how...

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