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Shaw, Brian

Tagged: Author | House name

A House Name used by Curtis Warren on four novels by four different authors: Argentis (1952) by E C Tubb, Ships of Vero (1952) by David O'Brien, Z-Formations (1953) by John Russell Fearn (signing himself Bryan Shaw) and Lost World (1953) by Brian Holloway. All are adventure sf. [PN/JC/DRL] "Brian Shaw" works Listed in alphabetical order of true author: Z-Formations (London: Curtis Warren, 1953) by John Russell Fearn [actual byline Bryan Shaw: pb/Gerald Facey] Lost World (London: Curtis Warren, 1953) by Brian Holloway [pb/Gordon C Davies] Ships of Vero (London: Curtis Warren, 1952) by David O'Brien [pb/Ray Theobald] Argentis (London: Curtis Warren, 1952) by E C Tubb [pb/Ray The...

Sidewise Award

Tagged: Award

These annual awards for Alternate History fiction were conceived in 1995 by Evelyn C Leeper, Robert B Schmunk and Steven H Silver, and have since been presented annually in two categories, Long Form for works of more than 60,000 words and Short Form for works (including poems) of less than 60,000 words. The awards' name is a homage to Murray Leinster's short Timeslip/Parallel Worlds story "Sidewise in Time" (June 1934 Astounding). The winners below are listed by their year of eligibility, theoretically corresponding to first English language publication but usually – for non-US work – deferred until first US publication. Special Achievement awards, after the manner of the Retro Hugos, are o...

Thomas D Clareson Award

Tagged: Award

Instituted in 1995 and named in honour of Thomas D Clareson, the Thomas D Clareson Award for Distinguished Service is presented by the Science Fiction Research Association for outstanding service activities, specified as the promotion of SF teaching and study, editing, reviewing, editorial writing, publishing, organizing meetings, mentoring, and leadership in SF/fantasy organizations. Though early awards were presented to people already prominent in other areas of science fiction, recipients since 2000 have tended to be recognized for behind-the-scenes work, often as editors or administrators. Judging is by a committee of the SFRA, reconstituted each year. Recipients receive a commemorative...

Sheena, Queen of the Jungle

Tagged: Film | TV | Publication | Comics | Character

1. US Pulp Magazine. One issue, Spring 1951, published by Glen Kel Co; no editor named. Sheena – a sort of female Tarzan – was one of the few characters to make the transition from Comics to pulp magazines (rather than vice versa), having first appeared in Jumbo Comics in 1938. The solitary issue of Sheena, Queen of the Jungle contained three Sheena stories by James Anson Buck. The character was also featured in the pulp magazine Jungle Stories. [MJE/FHP] 2. US tv series (1955-1956). Nassour Studios, Inc. Based on the Comics character created by Will Eisner and S M "Jerry" Iger. Produced by Edward Nassour. Directors included Carl K Hittleman, Arthur Pierson. Writers included Eisner, Frank...

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