de Gourmont, Remy

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(1858-1915) French author, whose early work resembles that of Henri de Régnier, and in whose Une Nuite au Luxembourg (1906; trans Arthur Ransome as A Night in the Luxembourg 1912) a superior Alien, whose people occupy the Outer Planets, visits Earth briefly and engages in an illuminating conversation with some cultured humans. The Angels of Perversity (coll 1992 trans Brian Stableford as by Francis Amery) is a selection of de Gourmont's short fiction, which inclines to fin-de-siècle Decadence. [JC]Remy de Gourmontborn Bazoches-au-Holme, Orne, France: 4 April 1858 died Paris: 27 September 1915 works Une Nuite au Luxembourg (Paris: Societe dv Mercvre de France, 1906) [binding unknown/]...

Fan Funds

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Travel funds are a long-established tradition of Fandom, combining elements of Awards, charity (visiting the USA was once financially impossible for a typical UK fan), and cultural exchange programmes. Forrest J Ackerman proposed the Big Pond Fund with the aim of bringing John Carnell from Britain to the 1947 US Worldcon. Owing to difficulties in fundraising, Carnell's trip was delayed until 1949, but the idea had been planted. An almost exclusively US fan initiative sponsored the popular Irish fan Walt Willis to tour America and attend the 1952 Worldcon. His record of extensive US travels appeared in instalments in various fanzines, notably Quandry, and was collected as The Harp Stateside (...

2001: A Space Odyssey

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Film (1968). Produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick. Written by Kubrick, Arthur C Clarke, based very loosely on Clarke's "The Sentinel" (Spring 1951 10 Story Fantasy as "Sentinel of Eternity"; vt in Expedition to Earth, coll 1953). Starring Keir Dullea, Gary Lockwood, Douglas Rain. 141 minutes, cut from 160 minutes. Colour. Originally in Cinerama.This was the most ambitious sf film of the 1960s and perhaps ever. Kubrick's unique production, which received a 1969 Hugo, takes several traditional sf themes – including the idea, derived from Charles Fort, that "we are property" – and spins from them a web of ambivalently optimistic Metaphysics which would become the seminal cinematic treatment...


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Term used to refer to the individual who, in a group participating in a Role Playing Game, serves as both arbitrator of the rules and personification of the setting. Thus, the Gamemaster will take the part of any character not owned by one of the players, describe the appearance of the world, control events which occur "off stage", and so on. Some Gamemasters of "pen and paper" or "tabletop" Role Playing Games see themselves as neutral animators of a pre-existing world, and will try to simulate what might actually happen as accurately as possible; others attempt to shape events to provide the players with more finely balanced challenges or to construct a more satisfying narrative. In Live Ac...

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