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Karlson, Hans

Tagged: Author | House name

An Australian pseudonym – or more likely House Name – used on one novella-length Scientific Thrillers tale of sf interest, Atomic Death (1948 chap), in which an Invention capable of enlarging or Miniaturizing all matter is stolen by criminals. [JC] "Hans Karlson" works Atomic Death (Sydney, New South Wales: Transport Publishing, 1948) [novella: chap: Scientific Thriller series: pb/Maurice Bramley] links Internet Speculative Fiction Database Picture Gallery...


Tagged: International

Venezuelan Proto SF began with the short story "La Realidad Circundante" ["The Surrounding Reality"] by Julio Garmendia, published in his first book La Tienda de Muñecos ["The Doll Store"] (coll 1927). In this story Garmendia shows us a personality-adapting machine which can scientifically adapt any personality to a continuously changing world. Eleven years later Enrique Bernardo Núñez published La Galera de Tiberio ["Tiberius' Galley"] (1938), a novel that shows Venezuela in the future. Three decades later David Alizo published a short story collection called Quórum (coll 1967). Some of his stories have a weak relationship with sf. A few years later Julio Miranda edited an anthology of Vene...

Sealed Book, The

Tagged: Radio

Radio series (1945). The Mutual Broadcasting Network. Created and written by Robert Arthur and David Kogan. Produced by Jock MacGregor. Host and narrator: Philip Clarke. 26 30-minute episodes. A spin-off from The Mysterious Traveler (1943-1952), this short-lived companion series broadcast remakes of some of the more popular instalments of its progenitor. Besides the narrator/host, the only recurring character was the always silent "Keeper of the Book" of past mysteries and secrets, from which each week's story was taken. Nearly all instalments were Horror or mystery-suspense, although "Beware of Tomorrow" (29 July 1945) is outright sf featuring a Robot, and "Time on My Hands" (26 August 194...


Tagged: Theme

Although a common item of sf Terminology, this word is (or has been) used in three different ways. 1. Charles Fort used it in Wild Talents (1932) as a synonym for "psychokinesis" or, later, Telekinesis; i.e., the ability to move objects by the power of the mind alone. This seems to be the first appearance of the term in print, as is Fort's use of "teleport" as a verb in Lo! (1931). Eric Frank Russell, a staunch Fortean, offers the variant form "teleportate" in Dreadful Sanctuary (June-August 1948 Astounding; rev 1951; rev 1963; further rev 1967). 2. In sf of the 1950s and 1960s there was a growing tendency to use "teleportation" as an extreme case of Telekinesis, meaning the ability to mov...

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