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McCann, Edson

Tagged: Author

Pseudonym used by Frederik Pohl and Lester del Rey on the novel Preferred Risk (June-September 1955 Galaxy; 1955), hurriedly written for a Galaxy Science Fiction novel competition because no acceptable submission had been received. Cast in the same mould as Pohl's and C M Kornbluth's The Space Merchants (July-August 1952 Galaxy as "Gravy Planet"; 1953), it features a world dominated by insurance companies. [BS] see also: Satire. "Edson McCann" works Preferred Risk: A Science Fiction Novel (New York: Simon and Schuster, 1955) [first appeared June-September 1955 Galaxy: hb/Dick Dodge] links Internet Speculative Fiction Database...

Charlton Comics

Tagged: Comics | Community

Charlton Comics was the primary Comics imprint of Charlton Publications, founded in 1946 in Derby, Connecticut, by Joe Santangelo Sr and attorney Ed Levy. Charlton Publications published a wide variety of assorted magazines and, briefly, the Monarch paperback imprint which published some sf. Charlton Comics was notoriously the lowest-paying US comics publisher, and would often pick up material and titles from defunct publishers – obtaining, for example, a great many romance and western comics from Fawcett Publications when they folded their comics line in 1953. Later, however, Charlton created many original titles. The company's comics output ranged from the above genres to funny animals, wa...

Long Night

Tagged: Theme

Term used by Poul Anderson in his Technic History sequence to denote the galactic Dark Ages expected after the fall of a Terran Galactic Empire already mired in Decadence, a narrative of Decline and Fall and the Darkness to come that comprises a central thread in the megatext (see SF Megatext) of the West, as exemplified in the twentieth century by Arnold J Toynbee (1889-1975) in A Study of History (1933-1961 11vols), especially Volumes V and VI (both 1939) where his depiction of "The Disintegrations of Civilizations" takes on a mythopoeic intensity whose impact on sf writers has been deep if inexplicit. Anderson's main protagonists – they give their names to the Nicholas van Rijn and Domini...

Final Space

Tagged: TV

US animated tv series (2018-current), TBS. Created by Olan Rogers. Executive producers include Conan O'Brien, Olan Rogers and David Sacks. Writers include Jane Becker, Alyssa Lane, Olan Rogers, David Sacks and Alex J Sherman. Directors include Mike Roberts. Voice cast includes Fred Armisen, Coty Galloway, Tom Kenny, Olan Rogers, Tika Sumpter, David Tennant and Steven Yeun. Ten 21-minute episodes to date. Colour.Following a failed attempt to chat up Captain Quinn Airgone (Sumpter) of the Infinity Guard by impersonating a pilot, Gary Goodspeed (Rogers) finds himself mobilized with the rest of the Guard and piloting a Spaceship. Optimistically declaring "you can do this Gary, become a much smar...

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