Aelita Award

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The most prestigious Soviet sf award, founded in 1981 by the Russian Federation Writers' Union and Ural'skii sledopyt ["Urals Pathfinder"] magazine. The latter was published from the city of Ekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk until 1991), so the ceremony is held there as part of the annual Aelita Convention. The winner is chosen by a panel of judges. Although instituted as an award for the best single sf work published in the previous year, it appears to have become a sort of "Life Achievement" trophy. Winners are listed below. [DRL/VG]Aelita Award winners 1981: (tie) Arkady and Boris Strugatski; Alexander Kazantsev 1982: Zinovii Yuriev 1983: Vladislav Krapivin 1984: Sergei Snegov 1985: Sergei Pa...

Doc Savage

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Hero of many pulp-action sf novels first published – usually as by Kenneth Robeson – in Doc Savage magazine. A master Scientist, almost superhuman in intelligence and strength, Doc Savage was actually Clark Savage, the "Man of Bronze" – the surname is a Street and Smith homage to Colonel Richard Henry Savage, an early contributor to the firm's journals; the given name is from Clark Gable. The success of the series led to imitations, most notably Superman, whose debt to Doc Savage is evident in his name – Clark Kent, the "Man of Steel". One early Doc Savage adventure was filmed as Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze (1975). [FHP/MJE]see also: Wold Newton Family.links Doc Savage...

Mullen, R D

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(1915-1998) US sf critic and scholar, now emeritus professor of English at Indiana State University. Mullen was a founding member of the Science Fiction Research Association. In 1973 he established Science Fiction Studies and was its publisher and, with Darko Suvin, its co-editor through 1978; he returned to the journal as an editor in 1991 and managing editor from the November 1991 issue. He and Suvin also edited Science-Fiction Studies: Selected Articles on Science Fiction 1973-75 (anth 1976) and Science-Fiction Studies: Second Series: Selected Articles on Science Fiction 1976-77 (anth 1978). On Philip K Dick: 40 Articles from Science-Fiction Studies (anth 1992) with Istvan {CSICSERY-RONAY...

Graphic Novel

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To speak of the graphic novel is to speak of a particular kind of Comic book – usually a book-length work in the comics format published in a non-periodical format – but to do so is to risk applying what has become a marketing term to questions of definition, transforming a practical distinction into what looks superficially like a separate genre. In 2004, in response to the widespread misunderstanding of the implications of the term, the artist and illustrator Eddie Campbell generated a "Graphic Novel Manifesto", [see under links below] in which he argues that the term cannot be defined by adding together the normal meanings of "graphic" and "novel", because the graphic novel is neither spe...

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