Pacific Comics

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US independent Comics publisher founded by Bill and Steve Schanes; a pioneer in creator-owned comics properties. Pacific began in 1971 as a comics mail order retailer, then went into distributing comics for major publishers until it was successful enough by 1981, that it began issuing its own titles. The Schanes knew Jack Kirby and were able to bring him out of retirement with an agreement that he would own all rights to any characters and concepts he created for them (in contrast to the work-for-hire deal required by major comics publishers). His first Pacific title, Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers, was a major success and helped the company to attract other major talents including...

Laing, Alexander

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(1903-1976) US writer, editor and academic, noted for his books on the sea, for editing The Haunted Omnibus (anth 1937; vt Great Ghost Stories of the World 1939), an extremely influential Anthology, and for his murder novel, The Cadaver of Gideon Wyck, by a Medical Student (1934), which hinges on experiments in Genetic Engineering inflicted upon pregnant women. The Dr Scarlett sequence, comprising Dr Scarlett: A Narrative of his Mysterious Behavior in the East (1936), which includes the discovery of a headless tribe, and The Methods of Dr Scarlett (1937), follows the jovial ship's doctor into Lost Race situations and other predicaments in the China seas. In collaboration with Thomas Painter,...

World War One

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The Great War that ran from 1914 to 1918 had hardly run its course before it began, alarmingly – very soon after the publication of The First World War, 1914-1918 (1920) by Charles Repington (1858-1925) – to be known as the First World War or World War One. Under whatever name, the conflict brought an apocalyptic change in fictional views of both War in general and Future War in particular. Its unprecedented death toll made it clear that war could assume the proportions of an immense yet man-made Disaster. Numerous poets and authors found creative inspiration, or had creations wrung from them, by the horror and squalor of World War One, a trauma that tested to destruction the capacity of "re...

Misfits of Science

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US tv series (1985-1986). James D Parriott Productions/Universal Television. Created by Tim Kring, Parriott. Produced by Morrie Ruvinsksy, Harry Longstreet, Renee Longstreet. Cast includes Courtney Cox, Kevin Peter Hall, Dean Paul Martin and Mark Thomas Miller. One pilot film plus sixteen fifty-minute episodes. Colour. In this short-lived series, several young people are brought together by a government-sponsored scientific think tank called Humanidyne to form a Superhero team. Their Superpowers include Telekinesis, shrinking to less than a foot tall (see Miniaturization), and the ability to control electricity. Martin is the leader of the team, although lacking any special abilities himsel...

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