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Searles, A Langley

Tagged: People | Community | Fan

(1920-2009) US Fanzine publisher and Professor of Chemistry at the College of Mount St Vincent, New York (he retired in 1987); as publisher from 1943 of Fantasy Commentator (which see for details), he maintained the journal as a significant forum for the study of sf in many of its aspects, though concentrating on early Genre SF. In 1999 he was inducted into the First Fandom Hall of Fame. [JC]Arthur Langley Searlesborn Nashua, New Hampshire: 8 August 1920died New York: 7 May 2009links Internet Speculative Fiction Database Picture Gallery...

George, Peter

Tagged: Author

(1924-1966) UK author and ex-RAF officer whose life and career seem to have been dominated by the topic of nuclear World War Three and its consequences. His best-known sf novel, Two Hours to Doom (1958; vt Red Alert 1958) as by Peter Bryant, was a straightforward story in which a war, inaugurated unilaterally by a general applying the principle of pre-emptive defence (an argument which George presents as demonstrating the general's dementia), almost leads to worldwide Holocaust; when the last bomber is shot down, at the last minute, before it can destroy Moscow, the pre-arranged retributive destruction of an American city is averted. The similarities between this novel and Eugene Burdick and...

Miles Vorkosigan [series]

Tagged: Community | Character

Highly popular Space Opera sequence by Lois McMaster Bujold (whom see for fuller discussion), with a much wider range – from often light-hearted Military SF adventure and romantic comedy to stories of considerable dark power – than is normally associated with this subgenre. The series began with two books published in the same year: Shards of Honor (1986), which brings together the parents of the central character Miles Vorkosigan, and The Warrior's Apprentice (1986), Miles's first exploit. Three later series novels and a related novella – "The Mountains of Mourning" (May 1989 Analog) – won Hugos, and the novella also received a Nebula. [DRL]see also: Series....

Pemberton, Max

Tagged: Author | Editor

(1863-1950) UK magazine editor, newspaper director and author, first editor of Chums 1892-1893, editor of Cassell's Magazine 1896-1906, and later a director of Northcliffe Newspapers; he was knighted in 1928. Of more than sixty novels, his most famous is The Iron Pirate: A Plain Tale of Strange Happenings on the Sea (1 March-2 August 1893 Chums; 1893; vt The Shadow on the Sea: A Tale of Strange Happenings on the Sea 1907) and its sequel Captain Black: A Sequel of "The Iron Pirate" (1910-1911 Chums; 1911), whose disaffected, ruthless Antihero pirate captain is clearly based on Jules Verne's Captain Nemo, especially in the sequel, when he moves from a seemingly impregnable gas-driven ship to a...

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