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Chicago-based US specialist publisher founded by T E Dikty, Erle Melvin Korshak and Mark Reinsberg (who soon dropped out), originally to publish books about fantasy and sf. Its first title was E F Bleiler's The Checklist of Fantastic Literature (1948). The company soon expanded into fiction publishing with such titles as John W Campbell Jr's Who Goes There? (coll 1948), L Sprague de Camp's The Wheels of If (coll 1949) and L Ron Hubbard's Slaves of Sleep (1948); it turned down a Hubbard book on Dianetics. All these early titles featured jackets by Hannes Bok. Subsequent publications include the first three volumes of Robert A Heinlein's Future History series and Alfred Bester's The Demolished...

Bax, Martin

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(1933-    ) UK doctor of medicine, co-founder and long-time editor of the literary magazine Ambit, and writer. In his sf novel, The Hospital Ship (1976), which has more than a passing resemblance to the Narrenschiff or Ship of Fools, a group of experimental doctors sail the world's oceans after a Holocaust, applying triage techniques to the surreal world they find: curing those they can cure, stashing those they definitely cannot in the ship's mortuary, and applying a variety of techniques, many sexual, to the in-betweens. [JC]Martin Charles Owen Baxborn 13 August 1933died works The Hospital Ship (London: Jonathan Cape, 1976) [hb/]links Internet Speculative Fiction Database Picture Galle...


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If the Singularity represents the point at which the complexity of human, Computer or hybrid human/AI intelligence soars (by definition) beyond the comprehension of pre-singularity minds, transcendence can be considered as a wildcard symbol for what comes after. Thus the general sf consensus is that transcended beings and their affairs cannot be comprehended. That final image of the Star Child in 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), both familiar and chilling, hints at much but reveals nothing. Such classic sf treatments as Arthur C Clarke's Childhood's End (April 1950 Famous Fantastic Mysteries as "Guardian Angel"; much exp 1953; rev 1990) or Greg Bear's Blood Music (June 1983 Analog; exp 1985) –...

Sapphire and Steel

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UK tv series (1979-1982). An ATV Network Production. Written/created by P J Hammond (except "Adventure Five" by Don Houghton and Anthony Read); executive producer David Reid; produced by Shaun O'Riordan. Directed by O'Riordan, David Foster. Four seasons, 34 25-minute episodes in all; broken into "Adventure One" (six episodes 1979), "Adventure Two" (eight episodes 1979), "Adventure Three" (six episodes 1981), "Adventure Four" (four episodes 1981), "Adventure Five" (six episodes 1981), "Adventure Six" (four episodes 1982). Main players Joanna Lumley (Sapphire), David McCallum (Steel) and David Collings (Silver).Possibly the most mystifying and least coherent sf series ever to appear on televis...

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