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Sheena, Queen of the Jungle

Tagged: Film | TV | Publication | Comics | Character

1. US Pulp Magazine. One issue, Spring 1951, published by Glen Kel Co; no editor named. Sheena – a sort of female Tarzan – was one of the few characters to make the transition from Comics to pulp magazines (rather than vice versa), having first appeared in Jumbo Comics in 1938. The solitary issue of Sheena, Queen of the Jungle contained three Sheena stories by James Anson Buck. The character was also featured in the pulp magazine Jungle Stories. [MJE/FHP] 2. US tv series (1955-1956). Nassour Studios, Inc. Based on the Comics character created by Will Eisner and S M "Jerry" Iger. Produced by Edward Nassour. Directors included Carl K Hittleman, Arthur Pierson. Writers included Eisner, Frank...

Aqueduct Press

Tagged: Community

Seattle-based Small Press founded in 2004 by L Timmel Duchamp, which describes itself as "bringing challenging feminist science fiction to the demanding reader". Its titles, over forty to date, include both fiction and criticism. These titles include several of Duchamp's own books, though her work with Aqueduct as editor has consumed much of her time since 2004. Aqueduct's other authors include Eleanor Arnason, Suzy McKee Charnas, Nicola Griffith, Gwyneth Jones, Ursula K Le Guin, Rosaleen Love, Helen {MERRICK} and Lucy Sussex; its editors include Karen Joy Fowler and Eileen Gunn. It is a remarkably distinguished list for a small press. [PN]see also: Feminism.links Aqueduct Press...

Frost, Jason

Tagged: Author | House name

A Zebra Books House Name, used almost exclusively by US author Raymond Obstfeld for the Warlord sequence of Post-Holocaust sf adventures typical in theme and style of most Survivalist Fiction of the 1980s: The Warlord (1983), The Warlord #2: The Cutthroat (1984), #3: Badland (1984), #4: Prisonland (1985) and #5: Terminal Island (1985). #6: Killer's Keep (1987) was by Rich Rainey writing as Jason Frost. A singleton film tie, Invasion U.S.A. (1985), was by Obstfeld. [JC] "Jason Frost" works series Warlord The Warlord (New York: Zebra Books, 1983) by Raymond Obstfeld [Warlord: pb/] The Warlord #2: The Cutthroat (New York: Zebra Books, 1984) by Raymond Obstfeld [Warlord: pb/] The W...

Webb, Janeen

Tagged: Author | Editor | Critic

(1951-    ) Australian author, editor and critic, married to Jack Dann since 1995, who has published notable essays and reviews since 1985 and who was part of the influential editorial collective of Australian Science Fiction Review: Second Series from 1987 to the magazine's closure in 1991. Her first story of genre interest was "Death at the Blue Elephant" in Enter: HQ/Flamingo Short Story Collection (anth 1997). With Dann she co-edited Dreaming Down-Under: Thirty-one Original Stories From the Wild Side of Australian Speculative Fiction (anth 1998), winner of the Ditmar Award and World Fantasy Award as best anthology. A nonfiction work of note is Aliens & Savages: Fiction, Politics, and Pre...

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