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Chaykin, Howard V

Tagged: Comics | Art | Author

(1950-    ) US author/illustrator, mainly of Comics. Chaykin's first professional work was the 1973 art for Marvel Comics's War of the Worlds (a sequel to H G Wells's novel!) and DC Comics's Sword of Sorcery (which featured Fritz Leiber's Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser). Much of his work has been sf. He was writer/artist on Cody Starbuck and Iron Wolf before drawing the bestselling adaptation of Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (1977) for Marvel in 1976. Chaykin teamed up with Samuel R Delany to produce the Graphic Novel Empire (graph 1978), and the following year he worked with Michael Moorcock on The Swords of Heaven, the Flowers of Hell (graph 1979), a story in Moorcock's Eternal Champion s...

Angry Birds Space

Tagged: Game

Videogame (2012). Rovio Entertainment (RE). Designed by Jaakko Iisalo. Platforms: Android, iOS, Mac, Win. The original Angry Birds (2009 RE, iOS; 2010 Android, Phone; 2011 Mac, PS3, PSP, Web, Win, WinPhone) designed by Jaakko Iisalo was created by a small studio in Finland, though its subsequent popularity has enriched its developers to a degree where it no longer seems appropriate to view such sequels as Angry Birds Space as Independent Games. Angry Birds is a two-dimensional puzzle game (see Videogames) in which the player fires flightless birds from slingshots at pigs who have stolen their eggs, solving simple Physics problems to ensure that the birds hit their targets, demolishing thems...

Amazing Forries

Tagged: Publication

US letter-size saddle-stapled Media Magazine. Publisher: Metropolis Publications. Editor: Forrest J Ackerman. One issue, dated October 2026 on the cover; published November 1976. Subtitled "This is Your Life / Forrest J Ackerman", this one-off autobiographical celebration was reportedly financed in part by James Warren of Warren Publishing, though issued by Ackerman himself. Contributors included Ray Bradbury, Robert Bloch and other long-time friends of Ackerman. The cover is a retouched version of Frank R Paul's artwork for the October 1926 Amazing Stories (hence the punning title) with Ackerman painted into the scene. Copies were sold through the Warren titles for the remaining years of W...


Tagged: Theme

Early sf stories dealing with catastrophes brought about by pollution of the environment (see Ecology) concentrate on the perils of smog; they include William Delisle Hay's The Doom of the Great City (1880) and Robert Barr's "The Doom of London" (November 1892 Idler). The pollutant effects of industrial waste were very familiar in the nineteenth-century UK: air pollution had shaped the city of London (the prevailing wind blows east and the upper strata of the population moved steadily west) and slag defaced England's northern counties to the extent that Yorkshiremen coined a proverb: "Where there's muck, there's brass [money]." It is hardly surprising that England produced the one enduring n...

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