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Blond, square-jawed, musclebound, time-travelling Comic-strip character created for the London Daily Mirror by artist Steve Dowling and BBC producer Gordon Boshell as the UK's answer to Flash Gordon. Scripted by Don Freeman, Garth first appeared, floating ashore on a raft, on 24 July 1943, and soon became a kind of fantasy troubleshooter. In The Seven Ages of Garth (September 1944-January 1946) Freeman introduced Garth's Doctor Zarkov equivalent, Professor Lumiere, whose magic word "karma" allowed Garth to jump bodies (and episodes) at the point of death.The finest scripts were written 1953-1966 by Peter O'Donnell, who introduced Garth's eternal lover Astra in The Last Goddess (1965). Jim Ed...

Silverberg, Robert

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(1935-    ) US writer, extremely prolific author of more than one hundred sf books, a large number of nonfiction books (not always under his own name) and a great deal of other work, including an estimated two hundred erotic novels as by Don Elliott [see Checklist for an example] and other undisclosed pseudonyms [these and other books of no sf interest are omitted from the Checklist]; he has also edited or co-edited more than seventy anthologies. He began to write while studying for his BA at Columbia University, where he continued an involvement in sf Fandom; his first professionally published story was "Gorgon Planet" for Nebula in February 1954, though his first actual sale was "The Sacre...

Dissevelt, Tom

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(1921-1989) Dutch instrumentalist and composer, working on the borderlands between electronic, jazz and pop. His early releases were moderately ground-breaking in terms of the sonic palette he created from often home-built electronic instruments. His debut album Song of the Second Moon (1957) which contained the remarkable "Sonik Re-entry", a genuinely extraordinary piece of music half a century ahead of its time. His biggest success came with Fantasy in Orbit (1963), released on the major record label Philips, which was subtitled "Round the World with Electronic Music by Tom Dissevelt." Its sleeve illustration (from Jules Verne's Autour de la Lune, 1870) made clear the sense in which "round...


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In this encyclopedia the term "airship" is generally used for powered lighter-than-air craft extrapolated from dirigible Balloons and employed as Transportation. However, it seems reasonable also to include the early, fantastically huge, heavier-than-air flying machines that proliferated in fiction before the Wright Brothers' pioneering heavier-than-air flight at Kitty Hawk in December 1903. Such aerial Inventions' command of the skies so thoroughly defied the (yet to be formulated) science of aerodynamics that some form of Antigravity would seem necessary. Alan Moore's and Kevin O'Neill's Graphic Novel The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (six issues 1999-2000; graph 2000) ironically makes...

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