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Film (2002) Dimension Films, Blue Tulip Productions. Directed and written by Kurt Wimmer, starring Christian Bale, Sean Bean, Taye Diggs, William MacFadyen, Sean Pertwee, Emily Watson. Plus one Bernese Mountain dog pup. 107 minutes. Colour.After the devastation of World War Three, a new regime now rules Near Future America, and by the year 2072 claims to have constructed a world safe from war; as Dupont (MacFadyen) – spokesman for the "Father" (Pertwee), founder of the ruling Tetragrammaton Council – puts it in a preliminary voiceover: Those of us who survived [the war] knew mankind could never survive a fourth; that our own volatile natures could simply no longer be risked. So we have crea...

Silent Village, The

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Film (1943) Crown Film Unit, Czechoslovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Information. Directed and written by Humphrey Jennings, starring the inhabitants of Cwmgiedd, south Wales. 36 minutes. Black and white.The Silent Village is presented as a documentary, opening with a title card describing the World War Two atrocity committed by German forces in the mining town of Lidice, Czechoslovakia on 10 June 1942. In revenge for the assassination a week earlier of Reinhard Heydrich (1904-1942), who was a central implementer of the Final Solution, the entire male population of Lidice (173 men and adolescents) was murdered, and the remaining 300 women and children were removed to concentrat...

Bicentennial Man

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Film (1999) 1492 Pictures, Columbia Pictures Corporation, Laurence Mark Productions. Directed by Chris Columbus. starring Embeth Davidtz, Hallie Kate Eisenberg, Sam Neill, Oliver Platt, Stephen Root, Kiersten Warren, Robin Williams. Written by Nicholas Kazan from The Positronic Man (1992) by Isaac Asimov and Robert Silverberg, itself based on Asimov's "The Bicentennial Man" in Stellar #2 (anth 1976) edited by Judy-Lynn del Rey. 132 minutes. Colour.It would be difficult to conceive of an sf film where great wealth is more conspicuous and less noticed than Bicentennial Man, most of which is set in and around an exceedingly large home near San Francisco with acres of grounds and sea frontage, a...

Locus Award

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Popular Award voted on by readers of the leading sf news magazine (or Newszine) Locus, and presented annually since 1971. Each year's Locus awards normally honour work first published in the previous year. Thanks to their exceptionally wide reader base, these sf awards have come to share the stature of the Hugos (which reflect the preferences of fans and professionals who attend the annual Worldcon) and the Nebulas (which reflect the professional judgment but also sometimes the internal politics of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America). Where the Hugo and Locus awards differ, it is often thought that the Locus assessment is the more accurate reflection of general reading tastes. Th...

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