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Rothman, Milton A

Tagged: Author | Fan

(1919-2001) US nuclear physicist and long-time sf fan who was inducted into the First Fandom Hall of Fame in 1998. He founded the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society in 1935, the oldest continuously running science fiction club in the US, and was the father of Tony Rothman. Besides books of popular science, Rothman wrote a small number of sf stories both under his own name and as by Lee Gregor, most of which involve space travel. Twelve were published in his lifetime. The first two Gregor stories were revised by Frederik Pohl, his agent at the time. One, "Heavy Planet" (August 1939 Astounding), his first published story, became the title piece of Rothman's posthumous collection Heavy Planet...

God is An Astronaut

Tagged: Music

Irish three-piece band, whose instrumental albums generate a spacy, evocative atmosphere non-specifically reminiscent of sf, an effect underscored by their track titles: "Fall from the Stars" on The End of the Beginning (2002), "Infinite Horizons" and "Suicide by Star" on All is Violent, All is Bright (2005). The eponymously-titled album God is an Astronaut (2007) is their most cohesive and emotionally effective, and traces an oblique science-fictional narrative that takes the listener beyond death, through the stars and to the constellation Orion. Their fifth album, Age of the Fifth Sun (2010) appears to be more a meditation on fantastical, Edenic dreaming. [AR]see also: SF Music.links God...

Gilliam, Terry

Tagged: Film | People

(1940-    ) US-born filmmaker, based in the UK from 1967; he became a British citizen in 1988. After editing a college humour magazine he became an editorial assistant and cartoonist on Harvey Kurtzmann's Help! from 1962 to 1965; after Help! folded he worked as an illustrator and copywriter for an agency in Los Angeles before moving to London to work on a short-lived magazine, The Londoner. On its demise he contributed sketches and art to television comedy, and produced his first cutout animations for We Have Ways of Making You Laugh (1968). These became increasingly elaborate and surreal on the second season of the children's series Do Not Adjust Your Set (1969) and its successor Monty Pyth...

Third Person Shooter

Tagged: Game | Theme

Term used to describe a form of Videogame which, like the First Person Shooter, focuses on physically demanding, fast paced, often violent gameplay displayed in three dimensions. Unlike that form, however, in a Third Person Shooter the player character is seen in an external (third person) view. This perspective may make the experience of playing the game less intense than in an FPS, but is necessary when the player needs a clear view of their character's actions, as with the martial arts moves used in Oni (2001). The form has primarily developed on games consoles rather than personal computers. A possible early example is the sf-related UK game Tomb Raider (1996 Core Design, DOS, PS1, Satur...

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