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Sidewise Award

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These annual awards for Alternate History fiction were conceived in 1995 by Evelyn C Leeper, Robert B Schmunk and Steven H Silver, and have since been presented annually in two categories, Long Form for works of more than 60,000 words and Short Form for works (including poems) of less than 60,000 words. The awards' name is a homage to Murray Leinster's short Timeslip/Parallel Worlds story "Sidewise in Time" (June 1934 Astounding). The winners below are listed by their year of eligibility, theoretically corresponding to first English language publication but usually – for non-US work – deferred until first US publication. Special Achievement awards, after the manner of the Retro Hugos, are o...

Marvel Comics

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Eventually named for its first Comic – much as DC Comics was named after Detective Comics – Marvel was founded by Martin Goodman (1910-1992) as Timely Comics before, in the 1950s, being renamed Atlas Comics after its distribution company; it became Marvel Comics in 1963. Marvel Comics #1 (November 1939) featured two of the company's three early mainstays. The Human Torch was an Android who could become a figure of living flame; he was created and drawn by Carl Burgos. Prince Namor, the Sub Mariner – a warlike undersea monarch who had an ambivalent relationship with the surface world – was chronicled by William Blake (Bill) Everett. Throughout the 1940s both The Human Torch and Prince Namor h...


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UK self-styled "post-rock" band, comprising Kieran Hebden (1980-    ) and Adem. Their work is mostly instrumental, an attractive melodic delicacy set against puffing, chittering beats, and demonstrates a persistent fascination with science fiction, not only in song-titles – "Robots in Disguise" on Ceefax (1997); "Ark", "Yttrium" and "Aphelion" on Eph (1999) but also in a fondness for samples of sf film sound effects and other aural ephemera. The Sun (2007) – released on vinyl as a double album, but with the fourth side left intentionally uncut except for a piece of etched artwork – construes its eponymous stellar body both in terms of the rhythms of timekeeping ("Clocks", "Drums of Life") an...

Elder, Joseph

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(?   -    ) US anthologist who edited The Farthest Reaches: 12 Never-Before-Published Tales of Intergalactic Space (anth 1968) and Eros in Orbit: A Collection of All New Science Fiction Stories about Sex (anth 1973) (see Sex). Contributors to The Farthest Reaches were of generally high calibre, including Brian W Aldiss with "The Worm that Flies", Poul Anderson with "Kyrie" (see Black Holes), J G Ballard, John Brunner, Terry Carr (with "The Dance of the Changer and the Three"), Arthur C Clarke, Robert Silverberg (who appeared in both anthologies), Norman Spinrad and Jack Vance. [DRL] Joseph Elder born died works The Farthest Reaches: 12 Never-Before-Published Tales of Intergalacti...

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