Blaine, Mahlon

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(1894-1970) US illustrator, probably born Blain and adding the "e" later. He was a major figure in book Illustration before the Depression, which devastated his livelihood: although he continued to illustrate, much of his work was for non-mainstream publishers; towards the end of his life he returned to illustrate some Edgar Rice Burroughs reissues [see Checklist below]. Among books of genre interest that he illustrated were two by Hanns Heinz Ewers, the US editions of The Sorcerer's Apprentice (1927) and Alraune (1929), and an edition of William Beckford's Vathek (1928). When painting, Blaine habitually used oils; his interiors were usually done in pen and ink. His book illustrations of the...

Son of Dr Jekyll, The

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Film (1951). Columbia Pictures Corporation. Directed by Seymour Friedman. Written by Mortimer Braus, Jack Pollexfen and Edward Huebsch (uncredited); loosely based on Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1886) by Robert Louis Stevenson. Starring Louis Hayward, Jody Lawrence, Alexander Know, Lester Matthews. 78 minutes. Black and white.In the prologue, we see the infamous Mr Hyde chased by an angry mob into a house which is set ablaze; he falls to his death from an upper window. Around thirty years later, Edward Hyde (Hayward) has been raised as the son of Sir John Utterson (Matthews) He learns of his true heritage from attorney Dr Curtis Lanyon (Knox), and shortly begins setting about tryin...

Pirate Writings

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US Semiprozine, 26 issues, Winter 1992 to October 2005 (last two issues undated), published by Pirate Writings, New York until issue #16 (Spring 1998), thereafter by {DNA PUBLICATIONS}, Radford, Virginia; edited by Edward J McFadden III. Retitled Fantastic Stories of Imagination from issue #19 Spring 2000. Intended as quarterly but only occasionally hit a regular schedule. The original title was never fully explained; like a pirate ship, the magazine wanted to be outside the norm, publishing radical and "cutting edge" stories, not just sf but fantasy and mystery fiction. The first few issues, in slim, octavo format, looked innocuous and uninspiring and published nothing alarming. They had a...


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An acronym taken from National Amateur Press Association, an organization founded in 1869 to coordinate the distribution of its members' writings. An apa is a collection of individually produced contributions which have been sent to a central editor, who has then collated them and distributed the assembled result to all contributors. Apas – the term was most often found used in the plural, and was pronounced as a word – were common in the late nineteenth century, and became of genre significance with productions like The Recluse, published in the 1920s by W Paul Cook (1881-1948), which distributed the work of H P Lovecraft and his circle. Figures involved in apas like The Recluse soon turned...

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