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"Space" Kingley

Tagged: Publication | Character

The tough and resourceful Captain "Space" Kingley was the hero of three UK children's Space-Opera annuals of the early 1950s. Beyond his pukka Britishness he displayed few individual characteristics. The sequence (which remains extremely difficult to date precisely; the dates here may not be reliable) comprises The Adventures of Captain "Space" Kingley (coll 1952) with stories by Ray Sonin, The "Space" Kingley Annual (coll 1953) with stories by Ernest A Player, and "Space" Kingley and the Secret Squadron (coll 1954) with stories by David White. All were heavily illustrated by R W Jobson. [JC/RR]"Space" Kingley Ray Sonin. The Adventures of Captain "Space" Kingley (London: Sampson Low, Marsto...

Barr, Marleen S

Tagged: Author | Critic

(1953-    ) US academic, feminist theorist and author, who received a Pilgrim Award in 1997 for her work in applying the arguments and insights of Feminism in general and to sf in particular. Her first anthology devoted to this project, Future Females: A Critical Anthology (anth 1981), marked out the territory that she (and other critics like Joanna Russ) had begun to explore and elucidate, with especially conspicuous success in the delineation of "patriarchal discourse" in sf. Her own Feminist Fabulation: Space/Postmodern Fiction (1992) effectively consolidated her presentation of these issues, and her later work began to branch out into topics like Afrofuturism and the often fraught relati...

Latin America

Tagged: International

The Latin America entry in the 1993 edition of this encyclopedia was divided into sections on individual countries – now replaced by more specific international entries for each country or region within or linked to Latin America and Iberia, as well as detailed entries for selected authors. Relevant international entries are Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Catalan SF, Central America (covering Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama), Chile, Colombia, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Spain and Venezuela. Still awaited or in preparation are new entries for {PARAGUAY} and {URUGUAY}.When the second (1993) edition of this encyclop...

Postmodernism and SF

Tagged: Theme

"Modernism" is a useful term for the literature that emerged at the of the twentieth century to challenge the mimetic conventions of bourgeois fiction, but Postmodernism is not simply its more recent replacement. In fact, most contemporary serious writing remains insistently Modernist. The relationship between Modernism and Postmodernism (see Modernism in SF) is difficult to discuss, not least because the term "Postmodernism" has been used to point to significantly different phenomena. Perhaps the only assertion that can be made with confidence is that Postmodern literature does not enjoy anything like the adversarial stance toward Modernist literature that Modernist literature had toward it...

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