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Janson, Hank

Tagged: Author | House name

Initially a personal pseudonym of Stephen Frances but eventually a House Name used by other UK writers for various publishers. Authors writing as Janson included Harry Hobson (1908-    ), Harold Ernest Kelly, James Moffatt, Victor Norwood and Colin Simpson (1914-    ). Most Janson titles were thrillers; sf novels are listed below. [JC] see also: Adam and Eve. "Hank Janson" works The Unseen Assassin (London: Top Fiction Press, 1953) by Stephen Frances [pb/Reginald Heade and Ron Turner] Tomorrow and a Day (London: Alexander Moring, 1955) by Stephen Frances [pb/Reginald Heade] One Against Time (London: Alexander Moring, 1955) by Stephen Frances [pb/Reginald Heade and Ron Turner]...

Cox, Greg

Tagged: Comics | Author

Working name of US writer William Gregory Cox (1959-    ), who began to publish work of genre interest with "Empty Screen Lament" for Fantasy Book, May 1983. Most of his fiction comprises Ties to various comics characters; they include Iron Man, beginning with Iron Man: The Armor Trap (1995), and X-Men & Avengers, beginning with X-Men & the Avengers: Gamma Quest, Book 1: Lost and Found (1999), both Marvel Comics franchises, as well as a Daredevil film tie, Daredevil (2003); he has also contributed to the various domains of the Star Trek universe [for titles see Checklist below] and more recently has written several novelizations of films set in the DC Comics universe [again see Checklist bel...

Dominican Republic

Tagged: International

Among the Hispanic islands of the Caribbean basin, the Dominican Republic is perhaps the country that shows the smallest amount of sf production. Although Josefina de la Cruz's (?   -    ) Una casa en el espacio ["A House in Space"] (1986) could be considered the first sf work from the island, this cannot be accepted without controversy owing to its generic ambivalence, Equipoisal between sf (perhaps), Fantasy and religious discourse. Its originality is, in any case, based on its focus on the religious akashic records. However, Unión: la reunificatión de la Tierra ["Union: Earth's Reunification"] (2007), by Yerry Batista (?1971-    ), is a futuristic social sf novel that calls for the unity...

WSFA Journal

Tagged: Publication | Fan

US club Fanzine, first series 1963-1974 edited by Don Miller; second series, following a hiatus, 1978-current under various editors. US quarto (letter-size) format. Published for the Washington SF Association based in Washington, District of Columbia. Besides items relating to WSFA and local Fandom, the WSFA Journal contained articles of general sf interest, including in its early years a regular column by Thomas Burnett Swann. Of particular importance were the extensive bibliographical material and reviews published in the journal and also in its companion newsletter (see Newszines), Son of the WSFA Journal, of which Don Miller published at least 130 issues. Most issues of WSFA Journal sinc...

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