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(1891-1945) US writer who began producing fiction only after cancer forced him to retire from a nonwriting life which had included a career in the US Navy. He began publishing sf with "Eviction by Isotherm" for Astounding in August 1938, and wrote prolifically, at least seventy stories appearing before his death; he published some work under pseudonyms including Colin Keith and Mary MacGregor. "Doubled and Redoubled" (February 1941 Unknown), though not the first Time Loop story, seems to be the first to apply an sf rationale to the process; it was assembled, with several other tales, in Chariots of San Fernando and Other Stories: The Best of Malcolm Jameson: Volume 1 (coll 2012 pod). One novel-length tale, "Time Column" (December 1941 Thrilling Wonder), was never published in book form; his books – all containing material published earlier – were released posthumously. Atomic Bomb (Winter 1943/1944 Startling as "The Giant Atom"; rev vt 1945) is a Near-Future story of an atomic explosion. Bullard of the Space Patrol (stories April 1940-December 1945 Astounding; coll of linked stories 1951; cut omitting "The Bureaucrat" [April 1944 Astounding] 1955) is a set of Space-Opera tales for juveniles about a Hornblower in Space figure, beginning with "Admiral's Inspection" (April 1940 Astounding); it was edited by Andre Norton. In Tarnished Utopia (March 1942 Startling; 1956) two people awaken from Suspended Animation to find themselves in conflict with a dictatorship. He was strongly admired by some, but had no time to create a full career. [JC]

see also: Asteroids; Dystopias; Nuclear Energy.

Malcolm Routh Jameson

born Waco, Texas: 21 December 1891

died 16 April 1945



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