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(1913-1975) US author and civil servant, an occasional contributor to the sf field since publishing his first story, "Rust" (October 1939 Astounding). His first novel, Overlords from Space (1956 dos), is a routine tale in which Alien conquerors of Earth are defeated at last. The Little Men (February 1959 Amazing as "Hunters out of Time"; 1960) and its sequel, Hunters of Space (May 1960 Amazing as "Hunters of Space"; 1960; vt Hunters out of Space 2009 ebook), whose characters are derived from European Mythology, traces the fight between Jack Odin and the villainous Grim Hagen, first in a Hollow Earth venue inhabited by dwarfs, then in a possibly ancient Space Station; various princesses and dwarfs attend. In When the Red King Woke (1966), which may be sf, a mysterious monarch, seemingly composed of light, sleeps in a bubble in a Planetary Romance world; as readers of Lewis Carroll might expect, when the king awakes the planet dies. [JC]

see also: Robots.

Joseph Everidge Kelleam

born Boswell, Oklahoma: 11 February 1913

died Texas: 15 June 1975



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