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(1913-1975) US writer and civil servant, an occasional contributor to the sf field since publishing his first story, "Rust" (October 1939 Astounding). His first novel, Overlords from Space (1956 dos), is a routine tale in which Alien conquerors of Earth are defeated at last. The Little Men (1960) and its sequel, Hunters of Space (1960), whose characters are derived from European Mythology, traces the fight between Jack Odin and the villainous Grim Hagen, first in a Hollow Earth venue inhabited by dwarfs, then in space; various princesses and dwarfs attend. In When the Red King Woke (1966), which may be sf, a mysterious monarch, seemingly composed of light, sleeps in a bubble in a Planetary Romance world; as readers of Lewis Carroll might expect, when the king awakes the planet dies. [JC]

see also: Robots.

Joseph Everidge Kelleam

born Boswell, Oklahoma: 11 February 1913

died Texas: 15 June 1975



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