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(1956-    ) US web designer and writer whose work of sf interest – though she has published some fantasy stories – is restricted to the Nuala sequence of Planetary Romances: Fire Sanctuary (1986), Fires of Nuala (1988) and Hidden Fires (1991). Threatened by mutations (caused by high radioactivity in the planetary crust) and by intergalactic war, the inhabitants of the eponymous long-lost colony planet (> Colonization of Other Worlds) must cope with intrigues, spies, dynastic disputes and an extremely harsh climate. The plots are sometimes congested, though Fires of Nuala, an effective sequel, provides an interesting origin story for the sequence, and Kimbriel's sense of local colour and her capacity to create genuinely engaging characters have made the sequence into something more than routine. The Night Calls sequence [for titles see Checklist] is fantasy, as are the two stories assembled in Wings of Morning (coll 2005 chap). [JC]

Katharine Eliska Kimbriel

born Indiana: July 1956





Night Calls

individual titles

  • Wings of Morning (Alma, Arkansas: Yard Dog Press, 2005) [coll: chap: pb/Christopher Hershberger]


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