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(?   -    ) Guyana-born author, in Canada from an early age, whose Warchild sequence, comprising Warchild (2002), Burndive (2003) and Cagebird (2005), set in a moderately baroque interstellar Space Opera venue, where a troubled and tradition-bound polity under the control of Earth vies with an Alien race, as seen through the difficult lives of various young men whose intersecting careers – on pirate Spaceships and Terraformed planets and other locations typical of the subgenre in the early twenty-first century – transform the long War and at the same time expose for dramatic examination various Gender issues. The Young Adult implications inherent in a trilogy focused on three charismatic children/young men whose families cause them deep trauma are transcended, at points, through the violence inherent in most examples of Military SF. [JC]

Karin Lowachee

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