Adams, Frederick Upham

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(1859-1921) US inventor, who specialized in improvements to heavy-duty engines for harvesting and locomotion, and author whose Near Future Utopia, President John Smith: The Story of a Peaceful Revolution (Written in 1920) (1897), elaborates upon the right of the electorate to choose the American Cabinet, and to earn a living wage without qualification. The Kidnapped Millionaires: A Tale of Wall Street and the Tropics (1901), though not a utopia as such, does present the tycoons of Wall Street as a doomed race.

Adams also edited a magazine called New Occasions which emphasized his socialist views and reprinted William Morris's News from Nowhere (11 January-4 October 1890 Commonweal; 1890; rev 1891) as a serial beginning in its first issue dated January 1897. [JC/MA]

Frederick Upham Adams

born Larchmont, New York: 10 December 1859

died 28 August 1921



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